Women’s Gym – The Retro Holdover

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Women’s Gym: The Retro Holdover

During the 1960s and 70s, fitness was a defining part of a woman’s self-esteem. At the time, women wore high heels and pearls, swiping their feet through the machines in health clubs.

Today, though, women’s gym | RyderWear are much more empowered to reclaim their own bodies. Aside from the social perks of breaking a sweat, regular exercise can also lead to an extended lifespan.

A women-only gym provides a safe space for women to workout without being surrounded by men. It also encourages members to make new connections and build a network that’ll support them on their journey.

Another benefit of an all-girls gym is the fact that it’s often geared to support women’s specific needs. As a result, the personal trainers and instructors are more knowledgeable about the different challenges that women face. They may know how to adapt workouts for the effects of women’s bodies that are different from those of men, such as fluid retention and abdominal swelling.

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The gym can also offer a variety of classes and equipment that are specifically aimed at females, such as Pilates, yoga and stretching. Many also offer specialized cardio equipment and thigh toning exercises that are often overlooked by males.

If you’re interested in trying a women-only gym, be sure to research your local area and check out the facility. As long as it meets state and local regulations, you should be able to get in and out with little fuss.