How to Find a Breathwork Practitioner

A breathwork practitioner is a qualified professional who facilitates conscious connected breathing sessions to support the process of personal transformation. Breathwork can be used to release cellular levels of blocked energy, emotions and trauma.

The ancient practice of breath work has long been incorporated into spiritual practices to help with meditation, healing and insight. However, it is only recently that the practice has received mainstream recognition as a stress-reduction tool.

Whether it’s in a classroom, online or in a guided session, there are many ways to learn the techniques of breathwork. The best part is that you can incorporate it into your own self-care routine.

Becoming a Breathwork Practitioner: A Guide to Training and Certification

This workshop offers an opportunity to explore a holistic breathwork method designed to access non-ordinary states of consciousness, which can be beneficial for people dealing with traumatic memories, emotional and physical issues or life patterns that may be holding them back. The facilitator will guide you through a series of breathwork exercises, which can be a very healing and empowering experience.

Wisdom of Breath – Costa Rica (no certification)

This 3-day course is designed to help you unlock unconscious emotions and thoughts through meditative breathing exercises. You’ll be led through a breathing journey while enjoying the beauty of Costa Rica and learning how to use breathwork to help heal yourself from your past experiences.

Breathing Mastery for Physiological State Regulation – Yoga Online

This online course teaches you how to incorporate breathwork into your daily life, using a positive neuroplasticity approach to the lessons. Its 6.5 hours of video and text lessons are designed to educate you on the science behind why breathwork works, as well as how to implement it into your daily life.