8 Types Of Wooden Fences You Can Install

There are many practical uses for a fence:

  • Privacy
  • A safe paddock for children and pets
  • Protection from wind and noise
  • Preventing uncontrolled pool diving

But the right styles of wood fences also make a strong aesthetic statement, enhancing a home’s appeal.

Fence elements picket fence components:

  • The cap protects the vulnerable end fibers of the post from the weather.
  • The rail connects the posts and supports the pickets.
  • The post supports all components.
  • The picket is mounted vertically on the rails, often with a pointed end.

All fences use the same basic components:

  1. Vertical racks installed in the ground: the rack supports all components; for stability, bury at least a third of it in the ground.
  2. Horizontal rails support pickets, fence boards, or grating panels. The distance between them is from 6 to 8 feet, depending on the height and design of the fence.

Which wooden fence lasts the longest?

Mahogany, cedar, or pressure-treated pine last the longest. A fence made of durable wood can last about 20 years. Messages are then usually sent first; The panels last longer because they usually don’t touch the ground.

Fences must withstand year-round exposure to the elements. So be sure to assemble the parts with weather-resistant fasteners such as hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel nails and screws.

Wooden fence

Typically these fences, 3 to 4 feet high, are named for the wide-spaced pickets with peaked tops that discourage climbing and shed raindrops.

Suitable for:

  • front yards
  • Gardens
  • Sheds for swimming pools

Pole-rail fence

Traditionally used for keeping livestock, this low-cost fence also allows for a clear delineation of holdings.

Suitable for:

  • Borders
  • Final fields

Wooden lattice fence

The intersecting stripes of the plank block the view, allowing air and light to pass through—an ideal screen for climbing plants.

Suitable for:

  • Gardens
  • Decks
  • Patio
  • Pools

Fence shutters

Vertical blinds or staggered boards offer privacy when viewed straight ahead but allow air to circulate and open up side views.

Suitable for:

  • Pools
  • Decks
  • parking areas
  • Patio

Vertical board fence

Overlapping or joining tall vertical planks provide privacy. They also block wind, which is good in winter, especially in summer.

Suitable for:

  • Stay away from nosy neighbors
  • Wind and noise protection

Decorative fence

Steel, aluminum, or fiberglass, reminiscent of wrought iron.


  • Lifetime warranty on fiberglass and aluminum, 10 to 20 years on steel
  • It can be dyed any color
  • It is durable and strong.


  • No privacy
  • All posts in concrete
  • rust steel

Cost: From $25 per linear foot for aluminum or fiberglass; to about $16 for steel.

Vinyl fence

Hollow posts and railings made of PVC, internally reinforced with metal or wood.


  • Warranty from 20 years to lifetime
  • Only occasional washing is required.


  • White and only shades of beige
  • plastic glitter
  • It becomes brittle and cracks with age

Cost: Approximately $12-$50 per linear foot for uninstalled 6-foot panels.

Composite Wood Fence

Planks are made of a mixture of sawdust and plastic with posts and handrails made of solid wood.


  • Warranty from 20 to 25 years
  • Available in various wood grain colors


  • The posts must be set in concrete every 6 feet, which means additional digging and installation costs.

Cost: Approximately $15-$50 per linear foot for uninstalled 6′ panels.

Fencing is one of the most important aspects of any yard. A well- Installation and maintenance can keep your property looking good while also protecting it from intruders who might want to cause you harm! 

Is a Noise Reduction fence the Answer to Your Next Home Improvement?

You may be thinking about adding a noise reduction fence to your property. After all, fences are one of the most common home improvements. But is a noise reduction fence the answer for you?

What is a noise reduction fence?

Photo of Log Cabin Surrounded by PlantsA noise reduction fence is a fence that is designed to reduce the amount of noise that is coming from your property. A noise reduction fence can be beneficial for several reasons. For example, it can help to reduce the amount of traffic that is coming into and out of your property. It can help to reduce the amount of noise that your animals are making. It can help to reduce the amount of noise that is being made by your appliances.

Adding a noise reduction fence to your property can be a great option if you have concerns about the noise level from your home. A noise reduction fence will help reduce the amount of sound coming from your home. Additionally, a noise reduction fence will help keep your home clean and free of dust and other debris.

How do you determine if a noise reduction fence is a right answer for you?

First, it’s important to determine whether or not a noise reduction fence is a right answer for your specific home. A noise reduction fence can help reduce the amount of noise coming from your property. Additionally, a noise reduction fence can help protect your home from potential damage from other people or animals.

A noise reduction fence will require a lot of money and time, so you may want to choose another option if you can’t afford it. However, if you have the resources and are interested in adding a noise reduction fence to your home, a noise reduction fence is the answer

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Project Management Software for Small Businesses

Professional architect working with draft in office

Businesses that are run by a single person or small team would rather not bother with self hosted project management software. They are usually tasked to do all the job responsibilities of managing the business, making it difficult to allocate time for the use of task management software.

It might be true that having a project manager is essential in large companies but you can still benefit from using project management software even if your business has just one employee. The number of employees working on a certain project does not matter when deciding whether there should be project management software being used or not. Project managers come in handy especially when juggling multiple duties and tasks assigned by different personalities as well as stakeholders who come in different preferences and personality types – some may want to receive regular while others want to receive daily updates.

In the end, what matters here is that a project or initiative you have in mind gets completed without having hassle on your part. You simply do not need to micromanage each process if someone else can handle it for you. That is why project management software helps in keeping task progress organized and orderly even when there are multiple people assigned to one job.

The acceptable team size range starts at 2 (2-9), which means a company composed of two people (employees) up to nine employees is considered as small. A small business should only employ 2 persons in a specific department so that work output will be viewed with eye for detail and quality instead of quantity. So does this mean that small businesses should not be investing in project management software?

The answer is NO! As mentioned earlier, a business of two or three people may still benefit from using task management software for each member can easily access reports and tasks/to-dos at any time. Project managers, as well as supervisors, are required to assign individual responsibilities so they can do their job more effectively. Fortunately, there are many free task management tools you can choose from online which help keep your work organized in one place instead of pieces scattered around in different documents and folders on the PC. On top of it all, you will also be able to see important deadlines coming up or events set by other team members or stakeholders if you use project management software.

With this kind of transparency, meetings become more meaningful and productive as participants can be updated about an ongoing project easily. Each task is made detailed for everyone’s reference.

Crop businessman signing contract in office

In fact, many companies are already switching to online tools instead of using the conventional ones Microsoft Project offers because it makes work-related tasks faster and more effective. Additionally, these online tools also create a personal space that allows team members or stakeholders to share their ideas or feedback effectively when needed plus peers or team members will never get lost with all emails in their inbox which makes communication faster and clearer too. There is no need to put up your own server if you choose to subscribe for one of these services/platforms – they’ll just provide you with their own website which brings convenience on your part especially if you have a small business.

The Hidden Costs of Wood Decking

Decking has become a very common material in the construction world in the last decade. The new building trend, which has been around for almost 20 years now, is to build decks with no railings and just let your guests enjoy themselves by walking around without any guardrails or protection – an open deck! Nowadays you will see most people putting a pool deck in their back yard as well because it looks good and quite frankly who needs railing? After all, we don’t need one right? We are responsible adults who don’t need rails protecting us from falling off something that is on our own property. I mean, really who needs rails on your deck?!

The Truth Behind the Scam

Well what if I told you that there are so many dangers while using a deck without any protection? You can easily fall off from a balcony to another and get seriously hurt or even worse. And not only that but most insurance companies won’t cover injuries caused by an unprotected deck. When you create a balcony without any railing it only takes two steps to fall off it which is why people suffered such serious injuries in the past. That’s why we all need railing – this simple device will prevent us from falling into something bad! Many states have already decided that building codes require railings to be installed on decks no matter how small they are. Common sense, right?

The Repair of the Hidden Costs

Well, even though you will be able to fall off from a balcony it won’t always result in injuries. At times people just stumble and get the wounds which heal on their own due to lucky results. However there are cases when people suffer serious injuries after a dangerous fall like for example torn ligaments or broken bones that take months before they heal up fully. The most common danger is falling off the roof as well! After all wood decking materials don’t last forever so you might want to consider fixing them much earlier than you thought because otherwise – ouch! So please think about your safety more than once and put railings on your balcony while building your deck! It’s not worth getting hurt for just a simple railings is it?

Bathroom fixtures: which option to choose?

Bathroom, Luxury Bathroom, White, LuxuryLooking for Austin bathroom remodeling?A bathroom is a place where people spend a lot of time, so it should not only be functional but also provide a feeling of relaxation and comfort. The number of light sources should be dictated by the size of the room. The bathroom should have fixtures that belong to at least the first two types of the three:

  1. General lighting is the main one, which evenly illuminates the entire area of ​​the bathroom. It is usually installed on the ceiling – the central part of the room serves as an orientation light.
  2. Zone lighting (functional) is used for special tasks, such as ideal for everyday makeup or shaving.
  3. Atmospheric lighting (decorative) provides well-being, ideal for relaxation. This is an additional option in the arrangement of bathroom lighting.

General lighting includes situations in which you have to go to the bathroom, such as using the toilet, taking out the laundry from the washing machine, or simply brushing your teeth. Zone lighting in the bathroom is most often used with a mirror. With it, you can do flawless makeup, shave, wash your face or perform other cosmetic procedures. Mood lighting transforms the bathroom into a glowing wellness temple or provides relaxing purple light throughout the room.

Bathroom lamp: ceiling version

Depending on the size of the bathroom, the user’s preferences, and the activities performed in the room, you can use different types of lamps installed in certain areas. A ceiling lamp provides general lighting in the bathroom. In the field of design, the most common here is white combined with chrome elements. This combination creates an impression of exceptional elegance and cleanliness, which makes it suitable for almost any bathroom. Depending on your preference, you can choose a vintage or rustic ceiling lamp to decorate your hygiene area.

Wall lamp in the bathroom: sconce

Wall lamps (sconces) are usually installed in the bathroom next to the mirror. They complement the general lighting of the room and serve to highlight functional areas. Make sure the mirror is evenly lit and that the light will not dazzle you. The lamp should be installed at the top of the wall or at the height of 1.70 m to 1.80 m.

Spotlights in the bathroom: built-in elements

Especially in small bathrooms, lighting that does not take up additional space is an attractive choice. Recessed luminaires are also readily used in the bathrooms of many hotels and swimming pools. Reason: They look very stylish. Unfortunately, assembly is a little more difficult because bathroom spotlights require a plasterboard suspended ceiling.

Mirror lighting in the bathroom

The need to use mirror lighting in the bathroom is explained by the fact that, most often, the ceiling lamp is not suitable for detailed illumination. Shadows appear on the face. Makeup done under these conditions will never be perfect, and shaving will be a challenge. To eliminate shadows in the bathroom, an additional light source or a candlestick above the mirror is used. It should provide very good color rendering at least and not dazzle. Otherwise, you will not be able to look in the mirror.

LED Bathroom Lights

Bathroom, Sink, Mirror, Apartment, RoomLED lighting is also the ideal model for the bathroom, whatever the type of lamp you choose. It doesn’t matter if you opt for recessed, spot, or LED ceiling lights – all artificial bathroom light sources reduce energy consumption by up to 90%, and durable technology eliminates the need for maintenance. You should always pay attention to the CRI, especially for permanently built-in LEDs, because they cannot be replaced later.