Project Management Software for Small Businesses

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Businesses that are run by a single person or small team would rather not bother with self hosted project management software. They are usually tasked to do all the job responsibilities of managing the business, making it difficult to allocate time for the use of task management software.

It might be true that having a project manager is essential in large companies but you can still benefit from using project management software even if your business has just one employee. The number of employees working on a certain project does not matter when deciding whether there should be project management software being used or not. Project managers come in handy especially when juggling multiple duties and tasks assigned by different personalities as well as stakeholders who come in different preferences and personality types – some may want to receive regular while others want to receive daily updates.

In the end, what matters here is that a project or initiative you have in mind gets completed without having hassle on your part. You simply do not need to micromanage each process if someone else can handle it for you. That is why project management software helps in keeping task progress organized and orderly even when there are multiple people assigned to one job.

The acceptable team size range starts at 2 (2-9), which means a company composed of two people (employees) up to nine employees is considered as small. A small business should only employ 2 persons in a specific department so that work output will be viewed with eye for detail and quality instead of quantity. So does this mean that small businesses should not be investing in project management software?

The answer is NO! As mentioned earlier, a business of two or three people may still benefit from using task management software for each member can easily access reports and tasks/to-dos at any time. Project managers, as well as supervisors, are required to assign individual responsibilities so they can do their job more effectively. Fortunately, there are many free task management tools you can choose from online which help keep your work organized in one place instead of pieces scattered around in different documents and folders on the PC. On top of it all, you will also be able to see important deadlines coming up or events set by other team members or stakeholders if you use project management software.

With this kind of transparency, meetings become more meaningful and productive as participants can be updated about an ongoing project easily. Each task is made detailed for everyone’s reference.

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In fact, many companies are already switching to online tools instead of using the conventional ones Microsoft Project offers because it makes work-related tasks faster and more effective. Additionally, these online tools also create a personal space that allows team members or stakeholders to share their ideas or feedback effectively when needed plus peers or team members will never get lost with all emails in their inbox which makes communication faster and clearer too. There is no need to put up your own server if you choose to subscribe for one of these services/platforms – they’ll just provide you with their own website which brings convenience on your part especially if you have a small business.