The Hidden Costs of Wood Decking

Decking has become a very common material in the construction world in the last decade. The new building trend, which has been around for almost 20 years now, is to build decks with no railings and just let your guests enjoy themselves by walking around without any guardrails or protection – an open deck! Nowadays you will see most people putting a pool deck in their back yard as well because it looks good and quite frankly who needs railing? After all, we don’t need one right? We are responsible adults who don’t need rails protecting us from falling off something that is on our own property. I mean, really who needs rails on your deck?!

The Truth Behind the Scam

Well what if I told you that there are so many dangers while using a deck without any protection? You can easily fall off from a balcony to another and get seriously hurt or even worse. And not only that but most insurance companies won’t cover injuries caused by an unprotected deck. When you create a balcony without any railing it only takes two steps to fall off it which is why people suffered such serious injuries in the past. That’s why we all need railing – this simple device will prevent us from falling into something bad! Many states have already decided that building codes require railings to be installed on decks no matter how small they are. Common sense, right?

The Repair of the Hidden Costs

Well, even though you will be able to fall off from a balcony it won’t always result in injuries. At times people just stumble and get the wounds which heal on their own due to lucky results. However there are cases when people suffer serious injuries after a dangerous fall like for example torn ligaments or broken bones that take months before they heal up fully. The most common danger is falling off the roof as well! After all wood decking materials don’t last forever so you might want to consider fixing them much earlier than you thought because otherwise – ouch! So please think about your safety more than once and put railings on your balcony while building your deck! It’s not worth getting hurt for just a simple railings is it?