5 Tips On How To Do Landscaping In The Yard And Make The Environment Beautiful

Do you know how to do landscaping in the yard? Any project needs planning to be successful. Landscaping companies combine techniques and strategic elements, which can be simple or sophisticated, to create a beautiful and cozy environment.

In the backyard, the result should combine harmonious compositions with nature; in addition, the environment can also be functional: sheltering a small vegetable garden or adding a gourmet kitchen.

  1. Check the space available for decoration

If the environment has enough space available, it is possible to house plants of different sizes and of several species. If the area is indoor, of smaller size, and with a low incidence of sunlight, it is necessary to choose more resistant plants or vertical garden models.

It is also important to keep the organization in the environment. Each furniture, plant, or decoration object is chosen must be designed according to the space available. Regardless of the chosen composition, harmony should prevail: we don’t want a yard with many elements to pollute the look, do we?

2. Choose plants carefully

It is not recommended to mix very different foliage, although some compositions are beautiful without interfering with the balance of the environment. In addition to combining the personal taste of those who live in the house, it is necessary to consider other factors, such as:

  • lighting;
  • moisture;
  • willingness to maintain the necessary care;
  • time to dedicate to plant maintenance;

You can choose between shrubs and ornamental species, such as marigolds or more colorful flowers, if you have more time to devote to the garden. Otherwise, choose bromeliad or anthurium, which are more resistant plants.

Those more adept at functional gardens can choose medicinal species, such as fennel, rosemary, lemon balm, and chamomile. In addition, having a small vegetable garden with parsley, chives and coriander is an added convenience when it comes to preparing food that tastes like grandma’s house!

3.Abuse of alternative planters

Creativity is a great ally in the composition of gardens for decorating the yard. There are wonderful flower boxes on the market, stone pieces, demolition wood, etc.

It is wrong to believe that it is necessary to invest a lot to have a sophisticated garden. There are cheaper options and as beautiful as those bought in specialized stores. Check out some ideas below, which has been used by most landscaping companies.

  • Concrete blocks : Stack some concrete blocks in the format most convenient for the space available: in a straight line or as the angle bracket in the garden. Use the holes to house the plants, like pots: just fill them with soil and choose a plant composition that is more harmonious.
  • Gutters and pipes : Those metal gutters, made to direct water from roofs, can also serve as alternative vessels. PVC pipes cut in half have the same functionality, just hang them after crossing a wire, so they can form a beautiful vertical garden.
  • Old furniture : You know that dresser that is forgotten in some room in the house? This piece of furniture can take on a new look by sheltering its plants in the drawers and the most beautiful vases at the top.
    Care must be taken that it is not exposed to external actions and temperature changes so that it does not damage its appearance or increase the chances of rotting. Choose to allocate it in a more closed area.
  • Trunks : When cut, tree trunks also become an inexpensive and sophisticated option for housing plants. Just open a hole to grow the flowers. Opt for succulents or orchids, which love this type of vase!

4. Create a succulent hanging garden

As most companies have quoted, succulents are very resistant plants, which can look good in places with low lighting and do not require continuous care. They are also born very easily, just leave a leaf on the earth.

This type of plant is more beautiful when grouped: so take a wooden frame, put a wire mesh on the back and assemble a frame of succulents to have a live work of art in your yard!

5 Complement empty spaces with stones

More sophisticated decorations call for a more sober garden style. An interesting solution is to use stones and pebbles to create an internal space or complement the garden’s appearance, to eliminate some of the common green when the ground is grassy.